Wet Shine Synthetic Spray Detailer, Universal
Wet Shine Synthetic Spray Detailer, Universal

Wet Shine Synthetic Spray Detailer, Universal

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Wet Shine Synthetic Spray Detailer takes any wax, polish or sealant to the next level. No wax, no film, no streaking and luckily no effort. Great for all painted surfaces, metal, chrome and even glass.

Wet Shine Synthetic Spray Detailer delivers the slickest lubricant and detailer available. The anti- static formula reduces static charge and rapidly eliminates annoying fingerprints and smudges.

Formulated utilizing a synthetically derived lubricating agent to reduce static causing surface friction by over 75% by reducing static caused during surface friction like drying, quick detailing, wax removal and application. Spray on wipe off for a superior wet shine finish.
smart use

excellent for use on paint, glass & chrome.
remove fingerprints, smudges, and other light contaminants.
wet shine synthetic
the slickest wet shine quick detailer and lubricant available.
wax and sealant booster
anti-Static formulation reduces static charges =maintain a better then showroom sparkle easily =highly-reflective
leaves the surface slick, and shinning
designed to perform even in hot, humid climates without streaking, cloudiness or hazy patches
superior reflective shine and renewed sparkle without all the work!
fresh, clean fragrance
meets VOC regulations

smart application

shake well
spray mist onto cloth or surface
wipe dry with microfiber
re-apply as needed

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